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Tennis World Foundation, A MISSION BORN FROM THE HEART

Hi, my name is Federico Coppini, founder of the international Tennis World Publishing group. As you can hear from my accent, I am Italian … but I have fallen in love with Africa and spend most of time in a small city called Stellenbosch, just north of Cape Town, in South Africa.

During my time here, I have come to understand what devastating poverty looks like, and what touches me the most are the children in these poor communities. I knew that I had to do something, and started offering tennis coaching in the Kayamandi Township, which is a predominantly black and severely impoverished area.

The interest in my coaching started growing and I set out to try and understand why these children were so keen to join. What I realised was simply that playing tennis made them happy and they were drawn to me, as a safe and constructive adult influence in their lives.

This lead me to start the Tennis World Foundation, in order to reach more children in this way. What started off as me spending my…

Water is life

The wishing well was born with an objective as ambitious as it is simple: to do something concrete, useful, and lasting for the people who live in the villages of Malawi.

In a country like Malawi there are many needs and most of them require a structured and organized commitment to ensure that initial efforts to solve a problem can produce long-term benefits.
Is it more important to give fish or teach fishing?

Not having the tools and the means to infinitely give fish, I tried to teach fishing and my choice fell on the construction of wells to extract one of the primary goods: water.

A gift that, if maintained, can last tens of years.

Since 2015, the wishing well has built 23 wells that allow more than 12,000 people to drink clean water every day.

The project was born and continues to live thanks exclusively to fundraising among friends and acquaintances, through word of mouth, and through social networks.

Matteo Ferrari (the creator of the project) personally takes care of the fundrai…